New Ray Dynamic Texture Is Your Latest After Effects BFF

Any artist that has used Ae for any period of time knows its shortcomings. Likely that is why there are a mountain of tools that, like a heroine junky, just get Ae to “normal”. You cant really beat that feeling when a new tool comes around that not only meets a need, speeds things up and makes your life easier, while filling a hole by an Ae shortcoming, but also is brilliant in all those areas. Ray Dynamic Texture is that tool. Think of it as your latest After Effects BFF.

A Much Easier Way

Ray Dynamic Texture takes the mess, pain, and ridiculousness out of the tedium that is texture work in After Effects. Now with a click of a button, you can apply textures to one or a series of many objects at one time, with a single click.

If the naming sounds familiar, that is because the Ae extension is from Sander van Dijk. He knows whats up. Sander was simply tired of how Ae seemed to fuel repetitive tasks.

The Repetitiveness of Ae Work

After Effects sadly misses out on internal tools to manage things. Being a layer-based system is fine, as long as you can easily manage hundreds if not thousands of layers. Sander kind of sums up the need for RD Texture:

“A while back I started realizing how much repetitive tasks I do in After Effects. Setting up textures with all the correct settings one by one, Looking for effects and expressions that I had used before and copy and pasting them from one project to the other… These tasks are often interruptive to my creative process and I can’t help myself but think …How can this be done better?” Sander said.

One Click Wonder

The result was the birth of Ray Dynamic Texture. An After Effects tool that can store textures, including their layer settings, applied effects, keyframes, expressions and layer styles. It’s brilliance is in the simplicity of it all. Once you’ve set it up you can apply it directly as a texture to any layer.

If that wasn’t enough, the tool also lets you store your most used effects, shapes and expressions with a single click.

Ray Dynamic Texture Features:

  • Store textures in a library “palette” including their layer settings.
  • Apply textures to selected layers, Alpha Matte and Luma supported.
  • Makes the Set Matte Effect usable to texture with.
  • Texture Multiple objects at once.
  • Build your own texture palettes.
  • Add textures, effects, shapes and expressions from timeline to palette.
  • Create Master controller for any property.
  • Invert Mattes.
  • Create excact clone of any layer.
  • Replace textures with one click.
  • Compact, responsive user interface

Pricing and Availability

Ray Dynamic Texture is 25% off until March 22, so make sure you grab a copy, immediately. Head over to aescripts + aeplugins to learn more.