Blender Add-on Offers Amazing Mesh Based Decals Workflow

Hard surface modeling tiny details can be challenging. Having a library of “standard” forms around can help speed up the process and allow you to concentrate more on design rather than the technicality. That very library can easily be transformed into mesh based decals, for a realtime game engine workflow approach.

If you create all your mesh based decals by hand, you know that it can be initially time consuming. Managing your library of assets can also be a task, if you don’t have a tool to keep them close at hand.

If you are a Blender user, there is an add-on that might take care of both these issues when working with mesh decals. It’s called DECALmachine. It simplifies and automates working with mesh based decals, letting you focus more on designing your hard surface models. The Blender add-on offers a unique approach to working with mesh decals, allowing you to select, and apply decals instantly.

The add-on also adds some easy to reach tools that are contextual in blender’s Pie Menu system. Project, extract, slice, cut and change decal parameters are all a click away. Best way to understand how DECALmachine can help modeling workflow, is to see it in action. (btw, it’s meant to work with Blender Cycles).

DECALMachine is available on the Blender Market for $15. Check out the trailer and crate demo and the custom decal creation guide.