Free Motion Chain Script Offers Easy Motion Paths in Maya

Animating objects along a curve is something that artists will constantly use within a days work. Maya makes it easy with the motion paths command. Simply select your object (animated or not) and the curve you want to use, and presto, your object is now animating along that path. Maya’s motion graphics toolkit extends the capabilities with motion paths by allowing artists to distribute and animate MASH objects along input curves.

Still, if you want to create multiple motion path nodes at once, there is no easy way. Let’s say that you want to make tank treads. Again, there is not quick and easy way. This is why Senior 3D technical Artist and Animator Simon Mills created a handy little Python curve path tool that automates creating motion paths.

Motion Chain lets you create multiple motion path nodes at once. The tool can also automate the driven keys connections. It also automatically fixes the cycle check error that can occur at times, when using the default motion path tool.

Have a look at Simon’s demonstration video on the tool where he covers some practical uses and some setups— Motion Chain is a free download, so be sure to check it out!