If booleans are not a great way to put holes in an object, then how? Users often find creating holes in objects a point of contention. It doesn’t have to be that difficult actually. Especially if you are hard surface modeling.

…how to model an object with Blender that has a hole in it

Hard surface modeling can be quite forgiving. Many things don’t need to deform, and objects can be built with only the view in mind.

That being said, a lot of times, you just need to stop, think and plan for creating a hole in an object.

Why not start with the hole? This is the technique that jayanam.com shows in the video above. Start drawing the hole in the shape, rather than the shape first.

In fact, a lot of the times when modeling, working with the most complex part then working out from there is often a good plan.

It is easier to step down resolution when hard surface modeling, than to put it in and still make it work.