Create a Liquid Effect In After Effects With Trapcode MIR

Trapcode MIR is a great plugin for Ae that lets you create and experiment with 3D surfaces. You can create terrains and wireframes easily, adding displacements and other effects to build flowing surfaces, endless tunnels, and abstract shapes.

I you haven’t seen MIR in action, Creative Dojo’s VinhSon Nguyen walks us through what is possible. VinhSon shows how he built a liquid effect that resembles water in motion.

Mir can render surfaces with shading, or as a vector-style look or even as points. The key to the liquid effect project lies behind the fractals and are used and how it is rendered with, reflection and refraction contributions to sell the effect. MIR has a variety of fractals that you can choose from, including regular, Multi, SmoothRidge, Multi SmoothRidge for varying displacements of the mesh.

Trapcode MIR comes as part of the Trapcode Suite. If you want to meet around with it, you can download a free trial to test it out.