SA Studios Launches New HDR Skies Pack With 52 High-Stop Images

Shawn Astrom’s SA Studios releases a new CG HDR Skies pack that includes 52, 12k images. This is the second pack from SA Studios, offering a unique approach to lighting with HDR images for 3D. SA Studio’s packs are generated, using 3D renderings. This can allow for inherent features that set them apart from similar photographed content.

the latest collection of super premium computer generated HDRI skies

CG HDRI V2 images have no horizon line, making them more flexible for a wide range of lighting tasks. They are also built to have a higher dynamic range than most HDR skies. The pack uses a range of 25-30 stops, which is almost double the range of more high quality photographic spherical maps.

Lastly, each HDR from the pack includes an alpha pass for isolating clouds. The alpha’s can be used to fake cloud shadows or for modifying the HDR, such as compositing elements behind the clouds.

Visit SA Studios to learn more about the CG HDRI V2 Pack.