New Release for Review Tool Keyframe Pro Sees MacOS Support

Chris Zurbrigg’s Keyframe Pro was built as a review and playback app, designed for animation and creative professionals. The playback tool rose up to the ever-expanding needs of animators in production. That is, if you work on Windows systems. All that has changed. Keyframe Pro has been updated to version 1.3.1, and with it finally comes support for MacOS systems.

This is good news for Mac users. There are a few choices for media/playback and review players for osx, but most of them are meant as more of a general tool that incorporate features for a lot of disciplines.

Keyframe Pro however, was made for animators and 3D Artists. This is pretty clear when you realize the playback tool has a lot of features that are specifically tailored to animation: single frame stepping and mouse scrubbing, audio scrub, editable ranges, frame and range bookmarks, RAM caching, to name a few.

You are even able to split the view to compare shots side by side, make notes, review shots and check animations using the annotation toolset.

The playback and review tool can communicate with Maya out of the box but Keyframe Pro also includes a python based client API. This lets technical artists and pipe-folks integrate the player within a workflow or pipeline.

Keyframe Pro Advanced Playback and Review runs $79.00 and is available through