Camera Projections: Creating Super Realistic Planets in C4D

Looking for a quick way to create realistic looking planets without too much effort? You can have the option to create high polygon displaced terrain, volumetric clouds and atmosphere and more. Or you can create a really great looking shot by using simple camera projections and a realistic image or photograph.

Camera projections are highly useful to create realistic dimensional camera moves through a scene. You have probably seen this technique used before for creating rooms, buildings, and cloudscapes. Watch Motion Graphics Artist Daniel Danielsson latest tutorial which shows how you can create a realistic space scene, quite fast.

Daniel offers some suggestions for acquiring the right kind of photographs to start, and shows how to create camera projections in Cinema 4D that also make use of displacements for some added believability.

“In this one we find out that Occam’s Razor applies even in Motion Graphics, and that the simplest solution often is the best,” Daniel says of his tutorial. It’s true!