Working With Camera Mapping and Perspective in C4D

Sean Dove Uses Camera Mapping in C4D to Create an Animation That Plays With Camera Perspective.

Camera Mapping or Camera Projections can be an easy way to set up a realistic environment. It can take care of both the modeling details along with the textures in the scene, all in one go. Camera mapping has a lot of other uses too, and Sean Dove shows how you can create an exciting play with views and perspective.

Playing With Perspective

Sean’s tutorial is a recreation of a creative piece created by the mighty BUCK. In it, Sean shows how you can create a simple room and project a texture so that the camera move will reveal the surface lining up at the end of the movement. ” I thought we’d have a quick look at putting together a scene using simple shapes and then have a play with some camera projections and perspective and see how it turns out!” Dove says.

It’s a simple concept and process, and Sean covers some quick tips for working with Camera Projections in C4D too.

Camera Mapping Tools

If you work with camera projections a lot, Modeling Cam by AJ Haines can help speed up that workflow. The free C4D tool has an easy setup, preview mode, and all the tools you need all at hand making it a great tool to use for simplifying your projection workflows.