Learn a Simple Camera Projection Method in Fusion

Turing a flat 2 dimensional image into a 3D scene can come with some challenges, depending on the software that you are using. For the most part, all compositors will allow you to project images on to 3D objects, or 2D shapes in 3D space. Called camera projection mapping, it should be one of the easiest ways to push a 2D image on a 3D scene, much the way a projector works.

With BlackMagic Fusion, there are actually a few ways that you can project images onto objects. A simple way is to use the UV mapping method. Fusion has a real and bonafide 3D space (unlike After Effects) and with it comes some benefits other than a more intuitive experience. A united 3D space that can work with true 3D objects, also has the ability to work with UV’s. Fusion has a 3D UV Map node that can be used for a camera projection.

TOKYO’s Creative Director, Simon Ubsdell walks us through the process, with a simple camera mapping example that offers some pretty good results. Download the project assets to follow along.