Camera projection, or Camera Mapping is a useful tool in the compositor’s chest. Camera projections will allow you to quickly set up a scene based on image or rendered content. BlackMagic Design Fusion Camera Projections are compatible to other compositing applications such as Nuke, Maya, or C4D.

the very powerful camera projection technique of Fusion as well as how to convert that projection into stereoscopic images.

Here, Visual Effects Artist Chetal Gazdar shows how you can create camera projections in BMD Fusion, and extends that camera projection into stereoscopic output. If you ever need to use Fusion Camera Projections within a stereoscopic pipeline, this is a pretty good guide.

A camera projection is where any 2D image is projected through the camera into 3D space, and onto simple reference geometry. It’s basically giving you a method (albeit limited), for converting a 2D image into a 3D scene. In BMD Fusion, the Camera 3D tool can also be employed to create camera projections. It can be a simple image plane that is aligned with the camera, or as an actual camera projection. The latter is similar to the Projector 3D tool, in Fusion. The difference is that by using the Fusion Camera, you can align the projection visually.

The Fusion Camera tool has built in stereoscopic features, that can give you control over eye separation and convergence, along with control for DOF and focus.