Create a Dynamic Fracture Effect With Houdini

Who doesn’t like a great fracture system? Better still, how about a dynamic fracture? Follow along as 3D Artist Krishna Bala walks through create one using Houdini, working on a motion captured animation of a character.

RBD shelf tools (make Breakable shelf tool) are a great place to start in Houdini. Krishna however works with 3 components to start building the dynamic fracture effect. The three elements needed are: The fracture, the initial pose, and the animation that will be used. Houdini inherently has two types of shattering that can be applied, refracting with a voronoi pattern, or as solid objects. Solid objects end up being slower, but more accurate, while voronoi fracturing is much faster.

If you are looking for a good place to start creating a dynamic fracturing effect, Krishna Bala’s tutorial is easy to follow and explains a lot about the process.