Maya VR Bridge MARUI Adds Support for Vive

A recent release of the MARUI plugin for Autodesk Maya saw new support for the HTC Vive. Early support for the plugin initially worked with only the Oculus Rift. MARUI is a complete VR system for Maya, giving you access to all of Maya’s tools in VR. Strap on your goggles, and not only can you see your Maya scene live in real time VR, but you can also work on it there too. The plugin offers a bridge between the VR system and Maya, working without the need to export anything.

MARUI lets you edit objects in real time, in VR, and allows youth use any of the tools you normally work with. You can build models in VR, or animate characters that you would traditionally animate using a monitor. The plugin adds Maya editor windows floating in 3D space while you work. You can select your tools from the floating windows and continue to work on your 3D scene in VR. MARUI also offers a nice scripting API so you can build out your own functions and workflows.

The plugin has a “recorder” feature that lets you make mixed reality videos without leaving Maya. “VR Camcorder” is a small module that allows recording videos from a different point of view than what the user sees. This can then be inserted in a video recorded from that position.

Visit MARUI Plugin to learn more about the Maya / VR Bridge.