Slicing Type With Houdini by Using RBD Constraints

Akil Tasi shows how to create a sliced type animation using RBD Constraints in Houdini.

While working with dynamic properties in Side FX Houdini, constraints inevitably come in handy. From pinning objects down to spring and other connection methods, RBD constraints are useful for just more than dynamics. In this new tutorial from Akil Tasi, you can find out how to create slicing type animation that is driven and held together by RBD Constraints.

Tasi shows how to create a neat-looking sliced type animation where components assemble and disassemble throughout the animation. Tasi is Motion Designer and 3D Generalist, who often comes up with interesting tidbits for creating animations in Houdini. His last tutorial showed how to create drawings using the Fourier series in Houdini using VEX.