Quick Trick For Using ZBrush Booleans in Environmental Art

ZBrush has always excelled at sculpting. Straight up modeling has been a workflow that Zbrush has been dancing around for a long time now. They seem to keep trying to add the definitive workflow for model creation within a sculpting application. We have witnessed features such as ShadowBox and others be worked into the application with some degree of success. The addition of the new live booleans feature in the latest release might be the pinnacle of all that modeling exploration of the past.

one way that an Environment Artist can use this program to create a concrete column using Booleans, Nanomesh, and Surface Noise

ZBrush trainer Ryan Kingslien offers some insights into using the new feature, specifically a quick trick that can be used ivy environmental artists. The trick involves using the new live booleans feature in Zbrush 4R8, Nanomesh, and Surface Noise.

ZBrush’s NanoMesh lets you to inhabit parts of a model with instanced geometry easily. Using the live boolean feature like this really indicates how much of a game-chafer it really is throughout a lot of Zbrush workflows.