Animated UV’s Can Create a Great Wormhole Effect in Blender

We have all seen the “endless” wormhole effect on screen. Pretty much any sci-fi show depicting space travel will eventually have one. They look much more complex than they actually are to produce. What appears to be a seemingly endless drive of twists and turns for the camera, can easily be done using a single tube shape, some deformers, and animated UVs.

Aidy Burrows of shows us that there is no need to create a huge elaborate setup. Instead, Aidy uses animated UV’s which will allow you to not even move the camera at all, but still have it look as if it is traveling through the wormhole effect.

There are all kinds of good things in this tutorial. How to use cycles materials to display real time feedback, some procedural modeling and animation techniques, using Blender’s Bendy Bones to rig for animation, and more.

Want to learn more effects like this in Blender? The Space VFX Elements: the Ultimate Guide to Creating the Galaxy in Blender is 12+ hours video course about space. Quasars, gas giants, planets, black holes, asteroids and more.