Creating Your First Realistic Water Simulation With Blender

Even though Blender is free and open source, it is chock-full of high end features. Bender has some nice VFX features with built in simulation tools such as smoke and fluid simulations. It is the latter that the CG Geek Steve Lund offers a look into. Steve shows how you can create your very first realistic water simulation in Blender, walking through the process form beginning to end.

Learn what the best settings are for creating a realistic water simulation in this beginner blender tutorial!

Lund shows off the best settings for creating realistic water simulation in Blender. The fluid tools in b3d work pretty much the way they would in other DCC’s. You can set a domain for the fluid, specify the properties, tweak the settings, and bake the animation.

Scale becomes very important when creating any liquid or water simulation. If the scale isn’t right, the whole animation will look like its moving too slow or look like it’s too viscous. Steve’s example looks great!