Turn Objects Into Water With Fluids in Houdini

Mix Training consistently walks through some really great techniques in Side FX Houdini. The latest post doesn’t disappoint. VaronMix Modnay’s episode touched on how to turn Objects into water using FLIP Fluids in Houdini. This is a textbook VFX setup, creating a switcheroo between the object and the emitter.

Mix Training is of course the Houdini wizard, Alvaro Castaneda. Watch Alvaro walk through the process that can take any object in Houdini and turn it into water, gradually. “This is really simple technique that ANYONE can do without much effort”, says Castaneda.

The technique uses animated booleans to selectively show and hide parts of the model for the solid version, and the segment that will become the emitter. There are some nice tips for working with FLIP Fluids, too.

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