Working With Vector Displacement Mesh in ZBrush 4R8

Pixologic made a big splash with the release of Zbrush 4R8, that featured an amazing new live boolean workflow. It brings the ability to combine or subtract shapes together in real time, making it much easier to see what the results will look like. That wasn’t the only new feature added to R8 — Another feature that artists will make great use of is the new vector displacement mesh feature.

Now you can use a vector displacement mesh as a brush. This will be a great way to create work quickly from a library of objects. Vector Displacement is similar to a regular displacement, only it can include overhangs, allowing for undercutting. Think of a bent finger, scales, or an ear.

Watch Nick Zuccarello as he walks through the Vector Displacement Mesh feature, with a look at how to make and use VDM brushes. Nick also has a library of VDM brushes you can get and use in your own work. Check those out here.

Nick is an Art Faculty Consultant for a division of University of Central Florida, for the Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) is a masters program. He is also knows his way around ZBrush!