Get Reacquainted With the 12 Principles of Animation

No matter what the type of animation, it likely can benefit from some, or all of the governing principles of animation. We all should be familiar with Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation as invented by Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.

Familiarity aside, it never hurts to get reacquainted with them. If you are just starting with animation, or feel like you have a good grasp, why not have a look at Alan Becker’s coverage of all 12 principles.

If the name Alan Becker sounds familiar, it might be because he was the animator behind the viral hit “Animator vs. Animation” from back in 2006 that garnered over 2 million views. Becker offers some really good tips for applying each of the animation concepts. Some great stuff in here that is not to be missed!