Ahmad Merheb Shows Us How To Sculpt a Stylized Head

If there is one thing that Ahmad Merheb knows, is how to create and sculpt stylized characters. His work really speaks for itself. There is a gentle balance when working with 3D between technical proficiency and the art. In unique cases such as rigging and VFX the technical proficiency is the art. Nonetheless if you are trying to create a stylized head for example, the tools matter less and the sculpting techniques matter much more.

Watch Ahmad Merheb’s latest tutorial series (more videos to follow, stay tuned) where he shows us how he approaches creating a stylized head, using Zbrush. Part one deals with the basics for blocking the head before adding the details.

Want more tutorial like this? Ahmad Merheb spreads more knowledge by way of Patreon. Ahmad Merheb , is currently a Senior 3D Character Artist working in the game and film industry, for Bigpoint.