Create Procedural Incandescence With Arnold in Cinema 4D

Here’s a short 4 minute tutorial from motion graphics artist Daniel Danielsson that looks at working with Arnold’s incandescence when rendering. Daniel shows how you can set up a procedural incandescence in Cinema 4D, by piping through curvature and using it to mask various aspects of the shader.

A quick procedural technique in Arnold Renderer to make any material glowing red hot

Incandesce allows you to have objects in your scene that can actually emit light. Arnold has two ways to do this through Emission and through Mesh Lights. Daniel’s quick procedural technique shows how you can make any material look as if it is glowing red hot.

Quick tutorial highlights show setting up the curvature shader in Cinema 4D Arnold, Colorizing luminance using a Ramp RGB node, and then controlling the temperature with some color correction.