Create a Holographic Effect With MASH’s New Curl Noise

The motion graphics toolkit in Maya 2018 added some pretty big features. One of them is the ability to work with rigid body dynamics through the bullet physics engine. There are also some really nice smaller features with MASH as well. For instance, the addition of a new Curl Noise featured in the MASH Signal Node.

MASH’s signal node animates the elements in your network using noise functions. Up until Maya 2018, the node included 4D Noise, Looping Noise, Fractional Brownian, Trigonometry as noise types. Maya 2018 adds a new noise to that list.

Watch Mainframe’s Ian Waters run though using the new Curl Noise in creating a simple but neat-looking holography effect that has light flow across and paint over the surface of an object. Curl noise looks more organic and fluid than other types of noise, so it will be a welcome addition to the Maya toolset.