Arnold Interior Lighting and Color Workflow Strategies

Arvid Schneider shows how to set up ACES and OpenColorIO for working with interior lighting and renders in Arnold.

Working with a color pipeline isn’t always as simple as it seems. With Autodesk Maya, you can work with OpenColor IO and ACES to unify how you work ensuing color is consistent throughout your workflow. Color also plays a massive part in interior lighting and rendering too. Check out this live-stream replay coming from Arvid Schneider, who shows how to set up in an interior lighting scene.

Arvid covers working with OpenColorIO and ACES colorspaces and goes a bit more in-depth. The tutorial also includes all the sticking points and “gotchas” you may encounter when trying to get a convincing look to your interior render scene. You can help to support Arvid in creating more tutorials like this one by becoming a Patron.