Stable Noise, From SoftImage to Houdini

Andy Nicholas is a well respected CG and VFX veteran, and former Softimage user. Once Softimage was left to die, Andy moved to other platforms. Side FX Houdini was the best bet, yet there are a few things that could do with a bit of dusting. Andy has created Houdini siLib (softimage Library) and group to tackle some of the issues and take them down with solutions. The first release is a Stable Noise for Houdini.

“siLib is a growing set of tools for Houdini that aim to introduce faster workflows to help FX artists.” Andy says. Have a look at the video overview which shows the stable noise nodes which represents the first release of siLib. Stable noise offers consistent amplitude across noise types, and across all the roughness and octave settings. The noise nodes also allows for symmetrical distributions. It will remove any unwanted patterns at the origin.

Visit the siLib repository for more information on Stable Noise.