Making Awesome Fractures Faster and Easier in Houdini

Side FX Software posts one of the live sessions from Siggraph 2017’s Houdini Hive. Watch Steven Kippling cover how to make awesome fractures faster and easier. Kippling works at Industrial Light and Magic as a Senior Rigid Body Simulations person and an FX TD. He is also the author of the popular Applied Houdini course that covers a lot of amazing visual effects scenarios.

In this Houdini Hive session Kippling talks about Houdini 16 new workflows including the new Boolean SOP. He also covers when to use Houdini’s booleans and not use booleans, voronoi fracturing, Houdini for Loops, and how to art direct looks for awesome looking fractures.

Houdini 16 brought a real-life boolean Sop that was pushed as a modeling tool, but is also super-helpful for creating destruction effects, and awesome fractures as shown by Kippling.