How to Add Rotation to Particle System Debris in Houdini

Paweł Rutkowski Shows How to Create an Orient Attribute From Scratch, Adding Proper Rotation to a Particle System.

Destruction sims can look a little flat without some work adding extra debris. One easy way to add extra bits is to use a particle system. With SideFX Houdini, this is a relatively straightforward thing. If you want to take that particle system to the next level and have the particles rotate realistically, then you are going to need a bit more work with a bit of VEX.

FX Artist & 3D Generalist Paweł Rutkowski shares a tip for creating more detail in a destruction simulation that shows how to create an orient attribute from scratch. Rutkowski mentions that this is the first of a collection of tutorials that he plans to release, imparting tips and tricks for destruction simulations. Stay tuned for those.