How to Fix Gaps and Overlaps for Houdini Glass Fracture Sims

Fix Gaps and Overlapping When Creating Glass Fracture Sims in Houdini.

A while back, SideFX Houdini Artist Sohey shared his techniques for creating the classic-looking broken glass pattern for fracture sims. In it, he detailed how to work with and manage Houdini’s Voronoi fracture tool to get a more shattered look rather than its standard Cell Pattern that is typically associated with using the node.

Sohey’s latest tutorial builds upon that fracture sim, showing how you can rectify the problems of the gaps and overlaps that happen when making a glass fracture pattern. If you have downloaded the project file from the tutorial, you may have noticed some anomalies with the resting state of all the fractures. This new tutorial shows why they show up, and how to get rid of them. Handy info!