New Kit Bash Tool Coming to Cinema 4D

A lot of developers have been inspired by William Vaughan and his Pushing Points Polystein Kit for Modo. The tool for Modo was designed to be an easy way to kit bash model details, making it incredibly easy to seamlessly add components to a mesh. Since then, others have taken on the challenge to create similar kit bash tools for other DCC’s like Autodesk Maya.

Another one is called PolyGnome for Cinema 4D. Currently in beta, and the brainchild of Daniel Sterckx, PolyGnome has all the characteristics of a kit bash tool, including a way to make and store elements for your kit in a library panel, allowing you integrate them seamlessly on any model.

“The plugin will be available for Windows and MacOS, R17 and above (hopefully R19 won’t break anything SDK related … fingers crossed)… Possibly R16, if there is enough interest.” Daniel says.

More information can be had by following the C4Dcafe thread on the topic here. Looks like a C4D Kit Bash tool is well on its way!

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