How to Build Towns Procedurally With UE5, Blueprints, and KitBash3D Cargo

Jonathan Winbush shows how to make towns procedurally using the KitBash 3D library and Unreal Engine Blueprints.

With Jonathan Winbush’s latest tutorial, you can learn how to easily create entire towns procedurally using Unreal Engine Blueprints and Kitbash3D Cargo assets.

The tutorial covers classic instancing and scattering procedures like generating points, filtering and modifying them, and spawning meshes and actors based on them.

Winbush also covers using Cargo by Kitbash 3D, a collection of modular assets to create realistic and futuristic cities. “You will see how to combine PCG, Blueprint Actors, and Cargo by Kitbash3D to create stunning procedural towns with different styles and themes.”

More About Cargo.

The team at Kitbash3D recently released a free asset manager that allows for a better way to work with Kitbash3D assets and materials. Kitbash3D Cargo lets you manage purchased Kits and get access to a selection of complimentary assets and supports Unreal, Blender, 3ds Max, and Maya.