Building Up Type Using Stardust in After Effects

Roland Hartmann Shows How to Make a Complex Type Reveal Using Stardust Text and Mask Emitters

Roland Hartmann from posts a look into creating an animation building up type into a word mark by using the Stardust plugin in After Effects. The tutorial covers using Stardust text and mask emitters, with some auxiliary particles, the replica node and more.

Superluminal’s Stardust is a unique particle system plugin for Ae. It features a node-base, modular, non-linear workflow and operates as a true 3D particle system. The plugin takes a bit to get used to, but there are quite a few stunning presets that can be used as a jumping off point for your work.

Hartmann’s GraphicInMotion website that creates and sells quite a few Ae templates and motion graphics resources. One is the Digital Code Intro, that is similar to the animation tutorial, that uses Stardust as a resource.