Keying Methods for Easily Removing Backgrounds From Stock Effects

ActionVFX’s Rodolphe Pierre-Louis Covers Foundational Methods for Keying Out White and Black for Stock VFX Clips

Rodolphe Pierre-Louis,  the CEO of ActionVFX covers a few different ways that users can properly key out a black or white background from any stock footage clip. Unlike other guides that cover only Blending Modes, Rodolphe discusses all the best methods users can use to get professional results, and why they should use them.

Many people know about blend modes, but fewer might know about how easy Demult (free) and Unmult (part of Red Giant Universe) can be to use on footage that is shot on black. Both of those can knock out the background without adding an additive light effect to the remaining clip.

In addition to the useful information in the tutorial, ActionVFX are also providing a free download of all clips that were used in the video. That is, free 3 HD VFX elements at 60fps, plus 1 background plate, that users can download and use in their projects.