ActionVFX Goes Live: Explosive Assets for Visual Effects

You can never have too much stock VFX Assets, or can you? No, no you can’t. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, RodyPolis has finally launched ActionVFX. The stock footage is aimed squarely at VFX artist with high quality explosions, fire and particle effects.

After successfully raising over $59,000 in just 30 days on their Kickstarter campaign, they got to work. The team took feedback from over 400 users, and crafted a haven for professional Visual Effects artists and Filmmakers alike.

One of the drawbacks to other stock footage assets, is that the stuff can tend to leave the frame. So if the frame is low resolution, you are consistently trying to finesse a solution in comp. ActionVFX however never leaves the frame, and has a 4k resolution to play with.

Another differentiating factor is ActinVFX’s individual licensing structure. With it, you can get only what you need, rather than buying a collection that you might not use again. There are actually two sizes that you can buy, with 2k or 4k choices. Both 2K and 4K Pro include pre-keyed 10-bit versions of the effects, but within the 4K Pro version, they also offer the original un-keyed RAW file. This includes .R3D or .MXF files (depending on which camera).

ActionVFX went live on June 21st with over 250 effects to choose from, with many more Collections scheduled for release.