New Transcription Plugin for Premiere Can Use Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to Turn Speech into Text

Digital Anarchy released a new plugin for transcribing speech to text for Adobe Premiere Pro. Transcriptive offers a new way to transcribe to text, one that is integrated into Premiere for ease of use. Transcriptive aims to transform the art of transcription by harnessing services that use AI and machine learning to get crazy accurate transcriptions.

The plugin makes it easy to get highly accurate text transcription from any audio or video source, although the plugin doesn’t do that itself. Instead Transcriptive provides an integrated link to the AI transcription services of Speechmatics and IBM Watson.

Both those services are premium subscriptions on top of the cost for the plugin. Still, if you are doing a lot of transcribing, the plugin is definitely worth it. Digital Anarchy suggests that you can transcribe 60 minutes of video in 10 minutes for under $4.00.

You sign up with the speech services directly. Transcriptive doesn’t add any fees, so you only pay the speech services listed price. You get the wholesale cost of the minutes, making Transcriptive the most cost effective solution for transcriptions available. Some of these services claim 90-95% accuracy, which is crazy, and likely a huge time saver.

You can learn more about Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive plugin for Premiere here.