Building Complex Fusion Effects With the Custom Tool

Simon Ubsdell Has a Beginner’s Look Into the Custom Tool, Arguably the Most Powerful and Versatile Tool in Fusion

Fusion has a great many features going for it, and that includes a new pricing model along with the free version that anyone can use. One of the most powerful and most versatile tools in its toolset might just be the Custom Tool. Compositor and VFX artist Simon Ubsdell walks through how to use the tool, what it is for, and some practical examples to get new users started.

The Custom tool is quite likely the most complex, and the most powerful, tool in Fusion

Fusion’s Custom-node can be used to create customized expressions and filters that can be used as a tool at any time. If you are a user that has a little experience with scripting, the Custom tool should be quite familiar. Even if you are not interested in creating your own custom effects, this tutorial also covers a lot of useful information. “If you are new to Fusion and to compositing you’ll find plenty of useful information in this tutorial that looks at the custom tool and how to work with channels to create complex effects surprisingly simply.” Ubsdell says. There is an added bonus — More keying tips!