Compositing With Cryptomatte in Nuke and Fusion

The Chaos Group Looks at the Power Gained in Compositing by Using the Output From V-Ray Maya Cryptomatte Render Element

The Chaos Group posts a look at using Cryptomatte in a compositing workflow, making it easier to make visual changes to rendered work. Cryptomatte is a tool that was created by the Psyops crew of Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones as a way to automatically generate ID Mattes using information already available at render time.

Since the AOV tool has hit the streets, it has quickly gained popularity with a variety of compositing and rendering engines alike. There are encoders for V-Ary, Arnold, and Clarisse, with plugins for the Foundry’s Nuke and Blackmagic Design Fusion.

Watch the Chaos Group show how to set up a Crypto-matte render element with V-Ray, and how to work with those render elements in both Nuke and Fusion.