Battle Axe Preps Ultimate Bridge Between Illustrator & After Effects

Imagine a mystical portal between After Effects and Illustrator. This is Overlord. Available soon.

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Battle Axe is Set to Release an After Effects Tool That Gives You Ultimate Control Over Bringing Selected Layers from Illustrator

Battle Axe Co.’s Adam Plouff teases a new After Effects gizmo that he is prepping for release. The tool is called Overlord and it looks like it might be the definitive bridge between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects.

After Effects and Illustrator do in fact work together, but not in the way that you would expect, and certainly not in a way that is conducive for motion graphics work. This is why there are a bevy of third party tools out there that are designed to pick up the slack. Tools like Explode Shape Layers does a great job of prepping Illustrator files for animation in After Effects, but does little for the overall workflow between the two applications.

Imagine a mystical portal between After Effects and Illustrator. 

This is where Overlord excels. Think of it as a direct and live link between the Illustrator file and After Effects. Make a change in the illustrator file, and update only that change in after effects. The tool also works asynchronously updating the illustrator file from the changes made in After Effects.

This will be a huge step in the evolution of After Effects workflows with Illustrator. After Effects users will likely be clamoring for Overlord, because it will, hopefully and finally, bridge that gap between the top two applications used in Motion Graphics. Thanks Adam Plouff!