Tips for Working With Smoke & Cycles in Blender

VFX Artist Lotsalote Shares Tips for Working With Blender Smoke Simulation Engine & Rendering Smoke With Cycles

As part of Blender, you get some nice VFX tools such as a capable dynamics engine that includes smoke. B3D even has a Quick Smoke tool that lets you easily create a smoke simulation from any selected object — But how do you translate Blender default smoke settings into something a little more spectacular?

taking a look at b3d’s smoke simulation engine, rendered in Cycles

Norwegian 3D generalist, VFX Artist Lotsalote can help, sharing some of his discoveries from researching b3d’s smoke simulation engine. Lotsalote also covers a quite for rendering smoke with Cycles. You can see some of Lotsalote’s smoke-filled experiments on his Instagram where he shares a lot of his work in progress.