Volume Compositing in Nuke With Eddy Fluid Solver

Matt Barker Has a Look Into Creating Emitters and Standard Volume Compositing Techniques in Nuke Using Eddy

Matt Barker posts a quick-start look into using Eddy with Nuke. Eddy is Intraware & VortechsFX fluid solver that can simulate all kinds of gaseous phenomenon right within Nuke. The plugin lets users create fire, smoke and other fluid based simulation effects in Nuke’s 3D space, entirely on the GPU.

Eddy offers volumetric compositing, an optimized scripting language and full deep data output. It also has an extensive Python and C API so it can be integrated within studio pipelines.

Barker runs through volume compositing Eddy elements within Nuke over a series of 5 tutorials that includes a VDB workflow, and lighting and rendering effects in Nuke using Eddy.