Dash is the Fastest Way to Perform Channel Box Operations

Dash in Maya is a Powerful Way to Apply Math to Channel Box Operations and Values

Autodesk’s Steven Rosell gives a view into using Dash in Maya 2018. Initially a brainchild of the MASH team, it lets you easily issue common operations on values.

Dash in Maya might be one of the best features that you’ve never heard about (or perhaps forgotten). What is it? You can think of it as an inline scripting tool. Inline, meaning that you can access it anywhere there is a numeric field in Maya. Alt or Option + right-click anywhere in the Channel Box, and you will get the script editor.

Dash lets you efficiently distribute, randomize or offset values while you are working. It’s a real timesaver to be able to apply simple math and commands right in the channel box.

Steven Rosell covers a few different ways that you can use it in Maya, with some practical examples that will make you wish that you would have known about it sooner.