Learn How to Retopologize Models in 3D-Coat

Dave Wilson Covers How to Retopologize Models in 3D-Coat

3D-Coat is a powerful sculpting tool, but it also has impressive UV, Painting and retopology capabilities. All of these strengths make 3DC an excellent choice as an intermediary tool in your workflow. Many use 3DC for UV’s and retopology. What does retopo in 3DC look like? Watch this multipart tutorials series where Dave Wilson walks through how to retopologize models in 3DC. Dave Wilson teaches for the Games Design Course at Sheffield Hallam University.

Over the years a lot of applications have added or focused on retopology tools, including Autodesk Maya. What makes 3dc unique is the ability to extend your process over to UV’s and other task-specific areas. Check out the rest of the series on how to retopologize Models in 3D-Coat below.