Getting Started With DASH Scripting in Maya

Stereopixol Covers Working With DASH Scripting in Maya 2018.

Making a revival is DASH scripting, a feature of the motion graphics toolset MASH in Maya. DASH lets you quickly issue expression commands right in the channel box. It offers a fast way to do some things that would otherwise take much more time.

Check out this short tutorial from Stereopixol where he shows how you can get started using DASH scripting in Maya for practical tasks such as randomizing objects and offering time. The tutorial covers using Random, Linear, Ease, and Time Offset commands with DASH. It also includes how you can edit the JSON file to create commands of your very own.

More DASH Examples

A little while back, Autodesk’s Steven Rosell covered a few different ways that you can use DASH with some other practical examples for use.