An Easy Way to Position 3D lights in Ae

Use a Camera to Easily Control 3D Lights in After Effects

If you think that moving and pointing 3D lights in After Effects is a pain, you are not alone. Most other applications will allow you to “look through” the lights that you are adjusting. That way you can use them the same way that you can manipulate a camera in the scene. It offers a straightforward and intuitive way to position and place lights in 3D space.

There is no such feature in After Effects. However, it is easy enough to move a camera through 3D space. Why not use that tool?

A new tutorial from Motion Science shows how you can use a 3D Camera in after effects and link that to a 3D light. You can then look through the camera and use the unified camera tool to position the 3D light in a much more intuitive fashion. Helpful tip for experimenting with accurate placements of lights in a scene.