The Fundamentals of Animating a Rolling wheel in C4D

Orestis Konstantinidis Covers How to Animate a Rolling Wheel in Great Detail

Orestis Konstantinidis covers some of the foundational aspects of being able to roll a wheel in Cinema 4D efficiently. If you are animating anything that has wheels, it is essential to have them look like they have traction on the ground. There are many ways that you can approach animating a rolling wheel, but here Orestis starts with the simplest of all – pure keyframes.

Orestis then builds on that premise for a more advanced setup. For example, keyframes work great, but what if you want to re-time the animated sequence? The animation will no longer work. Orestis shows a method for re-timing the rolling wheel animation and then moves over to some Xpresso and other means to extend the setup. Some great stuff covered in this one.