Local Hero Can Easily Localize After Effects Assets

Zack Lovatt’s new Local Hero Can Save the Day by Migrating Assets to Your Local Workstation

Working at a studio sometimes means also working with a host of network assets. Server-based assets can be suitable for version management, but it also can be utterly reliant on network health. It can leave you frustrated at the mercy of slow network pipes. Local Hero is a new script from Zack Lovatt that can automate the transfer of assets for you.

The dream is to work on your local workstation efficiently. The problem is having to relink and replace all your footage paths. Then, having to relink them once you’re back on the network. Local Hero can take care of all of that for you.

The script has two modes, a Proxy Mode and a Replace Mode. Proxy sets the project item to use the local assets as a proxy within After Effects, while the Replace Mode will replace the project items directly with the local versions.

With a set mode, the script can easily localize or delocalize your working assets – Quite helpful! Learn more about Local Hero here.