A Look at Red9 ProPack Skin Tools for Maya

Red9’s Franco Bresciani Gives a Look Into Using Red9 ProPack Skin Tools

Red9’s ProPack is a suite of character and animation pipeline tools for Maya that grew out of the StudioPack. With tools like Animation Saver, Character Picker, and an Export Manager, the pack rounds out much-needed workflow tools for users.

Showing off the ProPack Skin Tools is Red9’s, Franco Bresciani. The Skin Tools are part of the Red9 ProPack. They were designed to make it much easier to save, load and manage skin weight information in Maya. The SkinTools are a great way to make sure that all your skin cluster information is how it saved.

Skin Tools lets free’s you from the worry of not being able to get your weight information back when you move and remap them in Maya— detach the skin from the skeleton and get the skins again just as you set them.

Learn more about Red9 ProPack, and the SkinTools available, here.