Red9, creators of the Red9 StudioPack for Maya which is a collection of scripts, tools, rigging and animation workflow enhancements in Autodesk Maya recently updated to version 1.29 which sees the addition of a new CameraTracker feature. This new add will have the Maya viewport camera follow along with the animation happening in the scene, so you can see a character’s animation play out without the character leaving the screen.

this is a really simple but useful little function for isolating motion when animating by tracking selected nodes with the current camera

Red9 StudioPack 1.29 also has some updates the the poseSaver making now support both local and project sub-folders, and some user interface adjustments adding a vimeo help menu providing more accessible help for some of the tools. Check out the post for Red9 Studio Pack v1.29 newest additions, features and change-log here.