V i s i o n s . o f . T from Slav Filimonov

Case study —

Music — Improvisation by Alina Petrova & Kira Weinstein —

Making of — vimeo.com/239120586
Original video — vimeo.com/210914586

That is a personal project that have been made as an extension for commercial project. At a spring 2017 I was helping ONY studio to present their project for the Tretyakov Gallery. One part of it was a cg-short with spray cans flying around in a for of letter T — the main element of a new id-system that ONY had made for the Gallery. The point was to complement a real camera shot and make a sort of transition to cg-graphic so we could easily present the id-style on different mediums using cg. After work was done I have challenged myself to do a similar short for every Gallery’s direction — classic paintings, modern art, franchise and others — which presented by seven colours in id-system.