Create and Export Bitmaps With Python in C4D

Marco Dörner Shows How You Can Create and Export Bitmaps Using Python to Build a Generator in Cinema 4D

3D Artist Marco Dörner shows how you can make and export bitmaps right from within Cinema 4D using Python. Marco offers the basics for a workflow that will have you generating and saving textures right from within C4D.

After covering the basics of working with Python to set image resolution and draw bitmapped images, Marco goes on to create a Python-based Mandelbrot texture generator. “Now and then I create a tutorial about some aspect of Cinema4D – mostly scripting – that I am enthralled with currently,” Maroc says. “Last year I started to work on this tutorial, but never published it. So with a little time on my hands, I finally finished it.”

If you want to start diving more into Python and its possibilities within Cinema 4D, this is an excellent exercise from which to learn.