Houdini Terrain Conversion Tools for HeightField Terrains

Side FX’s Paul Ambrosiussen Shares 2 Houdini Assets for Converting HeightField Terrains to Game Engine Data

SideFX Houdini Game Technical Artist Paul Ambrosiussen shares two digital assets that are geared to help people convert HeightField into other data required by game engines. The two assets work together to export meshes and textures from Houdini Terrains.

Terrain Mesh ROP is a tool that you can use to convert a Height-Field into a mesh. The tool allows you to take curvature into account when creating the mesh. It gives you a few parameters that you can tinker with to get the best results for export.

Terrain Texture ROP lets you render the Height Field data that is typically not supported by the HeightField output SOP. With it, you can render normal maps, hight maps, cavity maps, and even occlusion maps.

Both the tools are available for download, with more information here.